Mississippi Flush

Artwork inspired by Icons.

by Sharif I. Carter


007 Spectre

Based on Daniel Craig bond character.
Vulnerable yet ultimately deadly.


Graphite Sketch.

Distinguished facial features.


Live Paint. Bar Basic San Diego.

A energetic downtown bar with the best pizza in the city.

Electric environment, superb artistic atmosphere, and perfect lighting is why I paint here.
Completed painting used here as reference for my other style.


What is

Mississippi Flush?

When you don't have a winning hand in poker and pull a revolver on your opponents.



Artistic Legend.


Graphite on Wood.

It is important for me to analyze features and extrapolate.


Detail and Originality.

I use my hands as reference.


Live Paint.

Day of the Dead.

Baily's Eleven After Dark.

Old Town Temecula.


What's up with
the Playing Cards?

Cards don't mean shit, that's why they're reversed or upside down. Characters wear them as a battle symbol.



Danny Trejo is a Nice Guy.


Graphite on Wood.

It's easy to sketch when you're angry.


Live Paint.

Baily's Old Town Temecula.


On Display

ArtHatch.org | Studio 2.


Mistakes are
always forgivable,

if one has the
courage to admit them.

- Bruce Lee


Bruce Lee

Enter the Dragon.


Loose Sketch.

If you spend too much time thinking about it,
you'll never get it done.


Studio 1.

Down by the River.


Give It Away.. Give It Away.

Give it Away.. Now.



Funk Rock


Graphite on Wood.

I don't always get the hands right.
But that's the point.


Always Represent.

Tribal tattoo.


Live Paint.

Bar Basic San Diego.


I'm an Agent of Chaos

The thing about chaos.. it's fear. You Live.. You Die....


Nurse Joker



0.5mm on Wood.

Wipe that grin off your face.


Studio 1.

You have become what you have mocked.


On Display

ArtHatch.org | Studio 2.


Freeze Sucka!

You have the right to remain Silent!





Graphite Sketch.

The Hand is really the Focal Point.


Hand Detail.

Told ya it was the focus.


Live Paint.

Baily's Eleven After Dark.

Old Town Temecula.


Just Like a Star Gazing...

Light Yo' Ass On Fire!


Ace of Diamonds



English accent with a curl.

A reflection of me, and that's my hand.


Live Paint.

Bar Basic. San Diego.

The country's most expensive city.


Group Show.

Told ya it was my
muthafuckin hand.


They got the Block on Lock.. the Trunk stay Locked.

Glock on cock, The Block Stay Hot!


DJ Lo Down



aka Erykah Badu.


Sketch with a
Glass of Water.

I'm an artist, and I'm sensitive
about my shit.


Call the Coroner.

There's gonna be a lotta slow singing.


Live Paint.

Bar Basic San Diego.


Black Mamba

aka The Bride.


Graphite on Wood.

Intensity at its finest.



The 'eyes' have it.


Studio 1.

Blade honing. Eyeball popping.


On Display

ArtHatch.org | Studio 2.





Graphite on Wood.

Uhh Huh.. That's my Shit..


Live Paint.

Baily's Eleven After Dark.


Live Paint.

Bar Basic. San Diego.


Rich Girl on the Floor.

ArtHatch.org | Studio 2.


© Sharif Carter. IMANDESIGN. All rights reserved.